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HS2-I-50 Lightning Current Arresters


AC/DC distribution

Power supplies

Industrial automation


Motor controls systems

PLC applications

Power transfer equipment

HVAC applications

AC drives

UPS systems

Security systems

IT / Data centers

Medical equipment

Product Detail

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Easy installation or retrofifit
Din-rail mountable
Fail-safe /self-protected design
IP20 fifinger-safe design
Small foot print

Plug-in format

HS210-I-50 is the most robust range of Type 1/Class I lightning current arresters, able to discharge energy (current) from a direct lightning strike (10/350) on an external lightning protection system (LPS) or overhead supplies, in accordance with EN/IEC 61643-11. DIN rail monobloc format.
■Suitable as a fifirst step of protection in incoming power supply panels and in areas of high atmospheric exposure.
■Discharges impulse currents with a 10/350 μs waveform: 50 kA per phase.
■Exclusive devices for TNS, TNC, TT , IT earthing systems.
■Exclusive devices which are compatible with Power Line Communication networks.
■Biconnect – two types of terminal: for rigid or flflexible cable and for fork type comb busbar.

Data sheet

TypeTechnical DataNominal line voltage (Un) HS210-I-50 230/400 V (50/60Hz)
Maximum continuous voltage (UC) (L-N)


Maximum continuous voltage (UC) (N-PE)


SPD to EN 61643-11

Type 1

SPD to IEC 61643-11

class I

Lightning impulse current (10/350μs) (Iimp)


Nominal discharge current (8/20μs) (In)


Voltage protection level (Up) (L-N)

≤ 2.0kV

Voltage protection level (Up) (N-PE)

≤ 2.0kV

Response time (tA) (L-N)

< 100ns

Response time (tA) (N-PE)

< 100ns

Operating State/Fault Indication


Degree of protection

IP 20

Insulating material / flammability class

PA66,UL94 V-0

Temperature range



13123 ft [4000m]

Conductor Cross Section (max)

35mm2 (Solid) / 25mm2 (Flexible)

Remote Contacts (RC)




For mounting on

DIN rail 35mm

Place of installation

indoor installation


HS2-I-50 Power Surge Protector 001

●The power must be cut off before installation, and live operation is strictly prohibited
●It is recommended to connect a fuse or automatic circuit breaker in series at the front of the lightning protection module
●When installing, please connect according to the installation diagram. Among them, L1, L2, L3 are phase wires, N is the neutral wire, and PE is the ground wire. Do not connect it wrongly. After installation, close the automatic circuit breaker (fuse) switch
●After installation, check whether the lightning protection module is working properly 10350gs, discharge tube type, with window: during use, the fault display window should be checked and checked regularly. When the fault display window is red (or the remote signal terminal of the product with remote signal output alarm signal), it means the lightning protection module In the event of failure, it should be repaired or replaced in time.
●Parallel power supply lightning protection modules should be installed in parallel (Kevin wiring can also be used), or double wiring can be used. Generally, you only need to connect any one of the two wiring posts. The connecting wire must be firm, reliable, short, thick, and straight.

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